EMS or electric muscle stimulation has become very popular across Australia and around the world almost overnight. The reason is the simple fact that you can accomplish the desirable muscle-toning results far quicker than with a traditional exercise routine. EMS works using electrical impulses to stimulate muscles to contract and thus improves workout efficiency for your entire body. In the past, it was predominantly used for therapy, nowadays, EMS is among the top training methods for athletes worldwide. If you’re searching for a quick and efficient way to build and tone your muscles, here are the main benefits of EMS training. 

Muscles are built more effectively

To help build muscle mass, you need an effective training program.  to help you build muscle? If the idea of hours a day in a gym puts you off and you want results faster, EMS is the way to go for only 20 minutes of training twice a week. Within those 20 minutes, EMS training sessions will get you all the benefits of a 90-minute workout. As you train, your muscle mass and density will improve due to electronic stimulation. After only a few training sessions, you’ll start to notice the initial results, such as slightly bulkier arms, legs, and chest muscles.

Results are achieved faster

Building muscle typically takes time and that’s not something most people have in abundance. With EMS training, the results will be noticeable within a few weeks as opposed to a few months. So, if you want a faster transformation, start EMS in Melbourne now for the best results. The main reason it happens faster is that over 92% of your muscles are engaged and activated in EMS sessions. The only thing you need to ensure is that you stay consistent. If you’re not a fan of daily workouts at the gym, know that exercising for 20 minutes a week in your EMS equipment is what it takes to notice the results after a short time.  

You burn fat faster

In addition to building muscle, losing weight is among the main goals for people who actively train. If you’ve hit a plateau and your workout sessions seem ineffective, EMS training can help. It will push your body to burn more fat but still retain lean muscle. It's also highly effective if you're targeting specific areas such as the waist, hips, and thighs, as many women do. For that problem, EMS training is one of the best solutions. You’ll be able to decrease the size of the problematic areas quickly but without the risk of injury. Men commonly find EMS training beneficial for building up chest, leg, arm, and back muscles, while reducing the waist.

Your posture improves

We need strong stabiliser muscles to maintain our balance and proper body posture. EMS training is beneficial here as it has amazing effects on the deep abdominal muscles that have to be strong and tight to prevent back pain. Bad posture is typically the result of those muscles being weak and it’s accompanied by back pain or lumbago. The reason for that is that when one part of your body isn’t positioned properly, it affects the rest of your body. 

Your imbalances are corrected

Many athletes experience severe muscle imbalances especially if they have to do lots of unilateral movements because of the nature of their sport. This often happens in golf and baseball. In these sports, one side of the body is dominant and under constant strain so it results in imbalances that include core muscles, shoulders, arms, and hips. This is where EMS comes in as an ideal solution because you can target these imbalances and weak points specifically. 

Your pelvic floor and abdomen are strengthened

Many people struggle with weak pelvic floor muscles, especially women who have given natural birth. These muscles are generally overlooked but they are a very important part of bladder and bowel control. With global electrostimulation, you can target these muscles, and make them contract and grow stronger. 

Recovery is better

EMS training is also beneficial for growing muscles as it enables active recovery without risking any injury. In other words, EMS keeps the muscles lightly active which stimulates blood circulation and promotes quick and safe recovery. The muscles still get all the fresh nutrients but the prospect of muscle soreness and cramps is minimised. EMS training can also be used to mobilise the joints and prevent stiffness.

Training and toning your muscles doesn’t always mean you need to exhaust yourself. With EMS training, it will take less time but still give you all the benefits – your muscles will be activated, you won't feel tired, your recovery will be quicker, the pelvic floor stronger and your whole body balanced out.