Nature lovers are generally easy to shop for. Some nice household plants, gardening supplies, or home decor made of natural materials are classic gift choices. However, if you want to thrill them, consider a gift that really contributes to their adventures. Here are five awesome ideas.

A durable tent

Nothing is essential in the great outdoors as reliable shelter. A good tent will always be a suitable present for anyone who loves going on adventures. Take a bit of time and do some research on the different types of tents and what activities they are best suited to.

In general, there are a few traits that all quality tents will share. They should be made of sturdy but flexible materials. The outside should be suitably weather-proof and may be treated for resistance against mechanical damage (e.g. scratches from smaller animals). It should also insulate the tent dweller against both cold and excessive heat.

Depending on how the adventurer travels, you might look at smaller, portable models. If they drive, you can opt for larger tents which are more comfortable but also inconvenient to carry on foot. In either case, the tent should be easy and intuitive to set up. It should also have a reliable closing mechanism.

Camping equipment

Portable water filters

Many destinations in the great outdoors don’t have safe drinking water readily available. For the nature lover who likes to tough it out, present them with a portable water filter.

Look into options suited for processing collected rainwater, tank water, suspect river water, or stagnant lake water. Subtly probe your adventurer about the water issues they most commonly face. Use that information to select a filter that will best serve their favorite environment.

A quality camping knife

A good portable switchblade is a camper’s best friend. It’s a multipurpose tool that can replace a variety of items in a light traveler’s backpack. They can be used to prepare food, harvest plants, remove underbrush from a path, fix minor problems around camp, craft simple tools (e.g. fishing rods), improvise bandages, and even defend against wildlife.

Invest in proper quality and look for a knife that’s meant for serious survivalist use. There are dedicated brands like the tekto gear line which cater to law enforcement, professional hunters, firefighters, and various first responders. Those knives are meant to endure extreme wear and stressful use, so they’re guaranteed to last a long time and consistently perform great.

Camping knife

Navigational gadgets

There are two lines you can take with this category of gifts: modern GPS equipment or traditional map and compass options. Choose a GPS device with features that correspond to the conditions it will be used in.

For example, someone who goes sailing on the open waters will appreciate a waterproof navigation tool. An explorer of the outback will want something that isn't overly sensitive to dust, grit, etc.

In any case, opt for a device that’s portable, accurate, and as independent as possible. Consider something with a solar battery so that it can be used away from civilization and the convenience of the grid.

On the other hand, you might want to consider analog alternatives. A good old map is ideal for adventurers who have an advanced idea of the area they’ll be going to and don’t intend to wander outside a certain range. If you decide to gift a paper map, include some auxiliaries such as a compass, a waterproof map case, a field guide to the area, etc.

Maps and map-related items are also good choices for aesthetic presents. Even explorers who rely exclusively on modern navigation will appreciate the themed whimsy of using them as decor.

A first aid certification

Finally, for your outdoor lover who also likes learning, consider gifting them a vetted, certified first aid training course. A general one will do, but it would be even better if you could find one specifically tailored to campers, hunters, hikers, and other survivalists.

This requires knowing in some detail what type of adventures they like the most. For instance, a mountain climber would benefit more from knowing how to deal with blunt head trauma and fall injuries, while a hiker should know how to handle wildlife, recognize plant poisoning, and treat venomous bites or infections from tainted water.

In summary, the best gifts for nature lovers in your life are those that improve their adventures. Plan for presents that will contribute to their experience in the great outdoors. Equipment, tools, and even relevant training are all great choices. They show that you care for their well-being while also appreciating their practical and free spirit.